Listen online radio and earn satoshi!

Written: 13.07.2017

Bitradio is a startup or ICO of a moned named BRO. There is a lot of others ICO like this , the diference is that you can mine BRO while you listen your favorite online radio. They have more than 30000 radio stations from around the world.

I will try to describe this site in a questions and answers mode.

1. How it works ?

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Earn MORE satoshi with our second faucet !

Written: 17.05.2017

bitcotraffic is our second faucet that is a little bit different from this one. First of all you will earn fixed amount of satoshi for all countries ! At the moment is 180 satoshi!

Also you can advertise there your site, referral link or somethink else for a very small price !

Advertise your link on surfing page.

Every user will see your link opened while he is surfing...

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Best site to EARN MONEY making simple tasks.

Written: 28.03.2017

LikesRock is a site that let you yearn some money by making very simple tasks for example: like youtube videos, subscribe to twitter accounts, viewing websites and much more,for view one video on youtube you can earn 0.001$ and more.Read full post to see the description and instruction of how does it work.

After registration every user have $0.1 already.

How does it work? How much you can earn?

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