Best site to EARN MONEY making simple tasks.

Written: 28.03.2017

LikesRock is a site that let you yearn some money by making very simple tasks for example: like youtube videos, subscribe to twitter accounts, viewing websites and much more,for view one video on youtube you can earn 0.001$ and more.Read full post to see the description and instruction of how does it work.

After registration every user have $0.1 already.

To make it easier to you to understand, I will write step by step guide with screenshots.

1. Registration

  1. Click sign up and input all needet data
  2. So here is your Dashboard:

    Likesrock is a part of group named "maya-group" thats why you can see "MAYA" on the top menu.

    You must have already 0.1$ or euro in your balance.

2. Start EARNING

  1. If you want to advertise your site or something else, you can deposit funds ad create your task.
  2. To start earn some money , click Social activity:

  3. Most of the tasks are available only in their Client (I will describe it later below)

    If you don't want to download client, you can work in browser, for that click on Categories On Site:

    On Site
  4. For example I have this tasks available:

    Youtube available
    Others available

    Of course there are more than 200 tasks, but there is a daily limit for a simple account, if you want more, you will have to buy a VIP account. I recommend buying it. VIP account also increases by x2 income from tasks. You can read more about VIP there.

  5. Here is an example of how much you can earn from watching videos on youtube (15 seconds each):

    In average 0.001$ (0.002$ for VIP) for one view, not bad.

  6. If you want more tasks, you can download Likesrock client, there are much more tasks.

3. Withdraw funds

  1. Minimum amount to withdraw is 30$ but if you have 10 refferals minimum will be 20$.
  2. You can withdraw at Paypal, Payeer and Advcash

Direct link to LikesRock

If you have any questions, just writhe them in the support or in comments down below, I will answer them all.

Author of the article: Alex (admin