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Written: 13.07.2017

Bitradio is a startup or ICO of a moned named BRO. There is a lot of others ICO like this , the diference is that you can mine BRO while you listen your favorite online radio. They have more than 30000 radio stations from around the world.

I will try to describe this site in a questions and answers mode.

1. How it works ?

All you have to do is choose a radio from their site, and start listening. Basically that's it. You can choose a radio station by country,type of music or popularity.

That's the same radio that you can find on the internet just on their site and you earn BRO for listening it.

2. Is BRO on the market ? What is the price ?

This coin is on market! at Cryptodao and at the moment the price is 0.13$ or 6000 satoshi for 1 BRO.

BRO price

3. How much I can mine/earn ?

If you will left the radio on for 24 hours, you can mine around 0.5 BRO per day.

4. Can I listen more than 1 radio at the same time?

NO. :(

5. Can I have more than 1 account per IP ?

YES! You can have 5 accounts per one IP address. But You can't listen from all accounts at the same time. You can get ban for that.

How to start earning ? Instruction :

  • Register at Bitradio
  • Go to home page and download wallet.
  • wallet
  • Install the wallet and wait until it synchronize with network (it may took up to 2 hours)
  • Now you have to create your BRO address. Click Receive and then New Address. Copy this address.
  • Go to your profile, and insert copied address in Payout-Address and save changes.
  • Now go to Charts and chose a radio station that you like, and start listening. You are mining BRO now :)

How and when I will receive mined coins ?

You will receive activity points for listening radio. They will automatically convert in BRO (every 20 minutes) and you will see the amount of BRO that you mined in Balance. They will be send to your wallet in a few hours automatically. You don't have to do anything. Sometimes they are send in less than 10 minutes but sometimes after 1 day. You will receive your coins anyway, don't worry.

Referral program.

More options to earn

Proof of stake

BRO is a proof of stake coin.

Wich mean you can hold your coins and you will earn about 0.5 BRO per mined block. But this depends on how many coins you have. The more you have the more often you will earn.


You need 2500 BRO to run a masternode. You will earn about 30 BRO per day.

If you want full instruction on how to run a masternode write in the comments below. I will write full instruction in a separate article.

Direct link to Bitradio

If you have any questions, just writhe them in the support or in comments down below.

Author of the article: Alex (admin

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